Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Weekend – September 26th & 27th

Come celebrate the release of the return to Zendikar and the battle against the Eldrazi!

Our first Sealed Deck event will begin promptly at 12:01 AM on September 26th. Weekend offerings also include Two-Headed Giant, Open Dueling, and, of course, additional Sealed Deck events.

Prerelease weekend is the last chance to take advantage of our Battle for Zendikar Pre-Order Specials:

Booster Boxes
Fat Packs
Intro Deck Set of 5

Season 2 PPTQ with IQ Prize Support!

Announcing our Season 2 Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier, which is also going to be an official StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier!

Date: 4 Oct 2015
Time: Registration @ 11 AM, Deck construction @ 12PM
Format: Battle for Zendikar Sealed Deck with Top 8 Draft
Entry: $35
1st Place: $250, Qualification for a Invitational*, 5 Open Points, Exclusive® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin

2nd Place: 24 Packs of Current Set, 4 Open Points,® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin

3rd-4th: 12 Packs of Current Set, 3 Open Points,® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin

5th-8th: 6 Packs of Current Set, 2 Open Points,® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin