Blizzard Wizards

Just to keep everyone up to date, we are closely monitoring the upcoming snowstorm approaching the Richmond area. Right now, all of our events are still moving forward as scheduled.

Registration for our Sealed Deck PPTQ on Saturday begins at 10AM, which means we’d like you to be registered and seated by 10:55AM. We are offering a “sleep-in/snowed-in” special for $35 which gets you a start time of 12 Noon and a preregistered pool of cards. If you’d like to take advantage of this, please let us know in person, by phone, or by Facebook so we can get a headcount of pools needed.

Also, keep in mind if you play at the Battlegrounds PPTQ on Saturday, and the Time Capsule’s PPTQ on Sunday, we will DOUBLE your prize for BOTH EVENTS!

Hope to see you all on Saturday, drive safe and may you all find the Expeditions you deserve!

January Upcoming Events

For more details on any of the events below, check us out on Facebook by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!

GPT Houston: Standard
Jan 3rd – 2pm
7 Wonders: Duel Tournament
Jan 3rd – 1pm
Infinity TAG Battle
Jan 9th – 1pm
X-Wing Winter OP Tournament
Jan 9th – 2pm
Star Wars Armada Winter OP Tournament
Jan 10th – 1pm
Red Dragon Inn OP Tournament
Jan 10th – 1pm
Jan 16th -17th
Warhammer 40k ITC Tournament
Jan 16th – 11am
Star Realms Tournament
Jan 17th – 1pm
Pathfinder Module: Broken Chains
Jan 18th – 12pm
Jan 23rd – 10am
Timeline Tournament
Jan 24th – 1pm
WarmaHordes Store Wars
Jan 24th – 1pm
Legacy 15-Proxy Tournament
Jan 30th – 1pm
Malifaux Tournament
Jan 30th – 2pm
Boss Monster Tournament
Jan 31st – 1pm

New Year’s Wrap-Up

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported us this year, you guys are the reason we do this! Happy New Year!


Over 41,000 points on the apocalypse table tonight!!! Even better these guys piled all the tickets they earned to buy their friend a Betrayal at Calth so he could get started in 40k, that is what we call community building! The night is just getting started so if you want to ring in the new year exterminating heretics there is plenty of room to squeeze you in!

1354_934219969965272_6542837584801867897_n  941032_934220016631934_1815706628501003120_n

Congratulations to our Champion of Zendikar, Ryan Cole!


The face of a true Iron-Man. Brandon Kelly spent well over 24 hours at Battlegrounds, earning a free entry to the Modern FNM. He even managed to go 2-1!!