Throughout the month of June, if you play in our Monday night Modern or Tuesday night Standard we are giving out 150% of entry fee as prize support! Also we are going to tally up the total match points of every person that plays and if you have the most points from Mondays at the end of the month, you’ll earn free entry into the July 9th That’s So Fetch! tournament. Earning the top points from Tuesdays for the month gets you free entry into the July 2nd PPTQ! All through June!

If you’re into RPGs we are unveiling a Dungeon Master punch card. Every night you run a D&D Expedition on Wednesday or a Pathfinder Society game on a Friday you’ll earn a punch on your card! Once you hit 6 you can redeem the card for 35% off one item! Oh wow that’s the employee discount! Also one lucky person will win a random brick of dice!

Are tabletop war-games your thing? Well we’ve got a punch card for you!  Every time you play a table top game on its scheduled day you get a punch; once you hit 6 punches you’ll earn 20% off one item!

For information on scheduled nights, check out our Calendar link above, and follow us on Facebook to get updates as we post!