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Standard PPTQ and BBQ
Jul 2nd
Warmachine/Hordes Full Steam Launch Event
Jul 2nd
Pathfinder Society Module: No Response from Deepmar
Jul 2nd – 12pm
7 Wonders League Kick-Off
Jul 7th – 6pm
“That’s So Fetch” Tournament
Jul 9th – 12pm
Legacy Tournament
Jul 10th – 1pm
Jul 15th – Jul 17th
Warhammer 40k NOVA Primer
Jul 16th – 11am
Imperial Assault Skirmish Tournament
Jul 23rd – 2pm
Eldritch Moon Sealed GPT
Jul 24th – 12pm
Painting Clinic – Basics
Jul 30th – 3pm
X-Wing Tournament
Jul 30th – 1pm
Infinity ITS Tournament
Jul 31st – 11am