Kaladesh Preorders and Prereleases

Boxes – $100 until prerelease, $110 after prerelease
Bundles – $35 until prerelease, $40 after prerelease
Gift Boxes – $20
Deckbuilder’s Toolkit – $15
MIDNIGHT PRERELEASE: Play in FNM and DOUBLE all Store Credit prizes!
1:00 PM – Sealed
6:00 PM – Two-Headed Giant Sealed
1:00 PM – Two-Headed Giant Sealed
6:00 PM – Sealed
Entry for each event is $25 per person.
4-0: $50 store credit*, 4 packs of Kaladesh
3-0-1: $37.50 store credit* (that’s three wins and a draw), 3 packs of Kaladesh
3-1: $25 store credit*, 3 packs of Kaladesh
2 wins: 2 packs of Kaladesh
Everyone else: 1 pack of Kaladesh

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