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Modern/Commander Monday

It’s the first Monday of December! Show up today, play a game of Commander with anyone in the store. Tell us at the front that you have completed your game. Get your raffle ticket for the week! It’s time to spruce up that shiny new Commander 2015 deck!

Prizes for the Month of December are: Swords to Plowshares, Gideon Jura, Vigor, and a FOIL It That Betrays.

Also tonight, Modern Monday! $5 Entry, 7:30pm start time, Unlimited proxies, 100% store credit payout!

December Commander


It’s Modern & Commander Monday! Come out for our Unlimited Proxy Modern tournament or jam some Commander games to get entered into our monthly raffle. Time is running out in November, so now’s the time to get your name in the bucket!

ALSO, our players in-store tonight will get a sneak peek at what we’re planning for Black Friday. We won’t be making an online announcement until deeper in the week, so show up and get details before everyone else!

Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Weekend – September 26th & 27th

Come celebrate the release of the return to Zendikar and the battle against the Eldrazi!

Our first Sealed Deck event will begin promptly at 12:01 AM on September 26th. Weekend offerings also include Two-Headed Giant, Open Dueling, and, of course, additional Sealed Deck events.

Prerelease weekend is the last chance to take advantage of our Battle for Zendikar Pre-Order Specials:

Booster Boxes
Fat Packs
Intro Deck Set of 5

Season 2 PPTQ with IQ Prize Support!

Announcing our Season 2 Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier, which is also going to be an official StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier!

Date: 4 Oct 2015
Time: Registration @ 11 AM, Deck construction @ 12PM
Format: Battle for Zendikar Sealed Deck with Top 8 Draft
Entry: $35
1st Place: $250, Qualification for a Invitational*, 5 Open Points, Exclusive® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin

2nd Place: 24 Packs of Current Set, 4 Open Points,® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin

3rd-4th: 12 Packs of Current Set, 3 Open Points,® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin

5th-8th: 6 Packs of Current Set, 2 Open Points,® Playmat, and a Top 8 pin