Here’s a great walkthrough beginner’s guide for Malifaux right here!


“Malifaux is a skirmish game run by Wyrd Miniatures.  In Malifaux, players are given a set of Strategy and Schemes to accomplish for Victory Points, and the most VPs wins.  After determining your Strategy and Schemes players create a crew of various Minions, Enforcers and Henchmen all led by a Master, with 8 models being the average crew size.  With crews hired, players dive into a world of steampunk sorcery, wild west gunplay, victorian horror, nightmarish monsters and more.  No dice are rolled in Malifaux, players have only Fate to guide them, Fate taking the form of a deck of cards.  But even with Fate in your hand, Bad Things Happen in Malifaux.”

Come join us for Malifaux on Fridays at 5pm!


Battle Tested. Battle Approved.

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