Grand Prix Trial: Detroit

On Saturday, Dec 12th, Battlegrounds will be hosting a Standard Tournament for Grand Prix Trial Detroit!

Event starts at 1pm
$10 Entry
Prize Payout is 2 Byes to Grand Prix Detroit 2016 as well as TWO Modern Masters 2015 packs PER PLAYER in the prize pool!

Come out and show us you’re ready to take down Detroit!


Modern/Commander Monday

It’s the first Monday of December! Show up today, play a game of Commander with anyone in the store. Tell us at the front that you have completed your game. Get your raffle ticket for the week! It’s time to spruce up that shiny new Commander 2015 deck!

Prizes for the Month of December are: Swords to Plowshares, Gideon Jura, Vigor, and a FOIL It That Betrays.

Also tonight, Modern Monday! $5 Entry, 7:30pm start time, Unlimited proxies, 100% store credit payout!

December Commander

December Upcoming Events

For more details on any of the events below, check us out on Facebook by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!

Infinity ITS Tournament
Dec 5th – 11am
Codenames Tournament
Dec 6th – 1pm
GPT Detroit: Standard
Dec 12th – 1pm
Catan Tournament
Dec 13th – 1pm
Warhammer 40k ITC Tournament
Dec 19th – 11am
Dec 19th – ALL DAY
Gravwell Tournament
Dec 20th – 1pm
Dec 31st – Jan 1st

Small Business Saturday

We had a GREAT Black Friday, and it is all thanks to you, our awesome customers. We appreciate all your support. Always be willing to let us know what we can do to make your gaming that much more fun!

TODAY: Small Business Saturday – 25% off MSRP on retail products!!

Mike DeBolt’s School for kids who want to paint good and do other things good too.
This is going to ba an awesome event $10 entry gets you 4 paints. Mike will be going over all the basics from sprue removal to basing! Use today’s discount to get all your supplies.
Come join us and have some fun.


Black Friday is on the way, and that means IN-STORE DEALS!
ALL retail products are Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 off. That means you can pick up the Horus Heresy box set at $150, and grab the Dark Angels box set for just $70!


Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! The new Imperial Class Star Destroyer shows up on Friday, why not pick up a Home One too and walk away with a free Rogues & Villains expansion?

On the Magic side, every $15 you spend on singles will get you a free Standard booster pack or a 50ct pack of Ultra-Pro sleeves. If you spend $50, we’ll give you a Modern Masters 2015 pack, or a 100ct box of Dragon Shields instead.

That means you get a booster pack for every Windswept Heath you buy! 2 Nissa, Vastwood Seer? Here’s a new set of Dragon Shields!

This deal is only valid IN-STORE on Friday, the 27th. The doors open at 12 noon, and the deals continue until the end of FNM.

This is the perfect time check out our Holiday Wish List registry and pick up the perfect gift for your friends! We’ll be putting up our tree on Sunday, so you’ll have plenty of time to wrap them them before the holidays. Hope to see you all here bright and early!

Battle Tested. Battle Approved.